Breaking down Barriers

Research and capacity building for disability inclusion

The Liliane Foundation initiated Breaking down Barriers in 2015 to enable organisations within and outside our network to enhance the effectiveness and quality of their programmes. Unlike existing knowledge, Breaking down Barriers is directly tied to the realities and agendas of Southern civil society organisations and the Liliane Foundation and presented in an actionable way. Through academic research and bringing together civil society organisations and researchers from the Netherlands, Cameroon, Sierra-Leone and Zambia we aim to offer relevant evidence and tools in the field of disability inclusive advocacy and development.

Breaking down Barriers 1.0 ran from 2015 until 2020 and focused on effective disability advocacy. We worked in close cooperation with the African Studies Centre (Leiden University). The results of the academic research can be found here.

Breaking down Barriers 2.0 will run up to 2025 and aims to offer useful and actionable evidence on disability inclusive development. This academic research programme is an cooperation between the Liliane Foundation, Radboud University, One Family People Sierra Leone, The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services and Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia.

Looking back and forward

The launch of Breaking down Barriers 2.0 took place on July 1st. During this online event we reflected on the results and impact of Breaking down Barriers 1.0 and how we intent to move forward in our learning trajectory in the coming years.

Watch the presentation of Dr. Willem Elbers: 'Pracademics: missing link in disability inclusive development?' about the important role of pracademics in disability inclusive development.

Agho Glory nèe Tsangue, Program Manager of the Empowerment and Disability Inclusive Development (EDID) Program at the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (Liliane Foundation Strategic Partner Organisation) discusses her experiences with the Breaking down Barriers project. Watch her presentation: The added value of collaboration between civil society organizations and academia.

Thomas Mtonga, Department of Educational Psychology, Sociology and Special Education of the University of Zambia reflects on the lessons learnt during Breaking down Barriers 1.0.