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Strategies for Leaving No One Behind Conference

Addressing the critical issue of disability inclusion in development

On Thursday, September 26, 2024, the second Breaking down Barriers Conference will take place at The Social Hub in The Hague. Registration for the event will open at the end of June.

The conference will highlight the importance of creating inclusive development programs and policies which ensure that people with disabilities can fully participate and thrive. The conference focuses on innovative, tested approaches across various sectors such as SRHR and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).

What are strategies to overcome barriers and ensure inclusivity for all? This is the central question we’ll explore together at the conference in the Hague.

Strategies For Leaving No One Behind

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 250 million people in the Global South have severe disabilities, making them among the most impoverished and marginalized groups.

Yet, despite their significant numbers, they are often a ‘forgotten group’ in mainstream development programs. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to ‘Leave No One Behind’, but it is a challenge to achieve this. Even programs specifically designed for persons with disabilities often show biases in terms of impairment type, gender, or geography, limiting their reach. As a result, persons with disabilities continue to face disproportionate exclusion.

During the conference, we will bring together existing and new knowledge on disability inclusive development. In what ways can we ensure that persons with disabilities are included in mainstream development programmes? And how can we ensure disability programmes are truly inclusive? What are challenges and innovative solutions? What lessons can we learn from mainstreaming efforts? How do we put ideas into practice?

Join us at the upcoming conference ‘Strategies for Leaving No One Behind’ to discuss potential solutions for a more disability inclusive approach to development.

  • Purpose

    Our purpose is clear: to raise awareness of the fundamental importance of disability inclusion in development, ensuring that individuals with disabilities are not left behind. Through knowledge exchange, sharing best practices, and learning from experiences, we aim to collectively work towards disability inclusive solutions.

  • For whom

    This open conference is particularly interesting for organizations, practitioners, policymakers, and academics focused on disability, marginalized groups and intersectionality in areas such as SRHR, education and community based rehabilitation.

  • Partners

    Breaking down Barriers is a collaborative effort of Liliane Fonds, Radboud University, One Family People (Sierra Leone), The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services and Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia, working along an international academic team.

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A dynamic event featuring keynote addresses, panel discussions, breakout sessions, interactive polling, lightning talks, and networking opportunities—all focused on disability inclusion in development programs. Participants will engage with experts, share insights, and explore practical approaches to breaking down barriers.

For international participants

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, we are excited to offer the opportunity to participate in three of our sessions online. By sharing some parts of the program online, we are opening our doors to a global audience, allowing participants from around the world to join us in our mission.
Online participants can choose between sessions on:

  1. Inclusive Education
  2. Inclusive SRHR
  3. Community-Based Rehabilitation

About Breaking down Barriers

Initiated by Liliane Fonds in 2015, Breaking down Barriers draws on academic research, knowledge and learning to enhance the effectiveness and quality of programs both within and outside our network. Through academic research and bringing together civil society organisations and researchers from the Netherlands, Cameroon, Sierra-Leone and Zambia we aim to offer relevant evidence and tools in the field of disability inclusive development.

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  • About Liliane Fonds

    Liliane Fonds is dedicated to empowering children and young people with disabilities in Africa and Asia enabling their full participation in society.

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    About Liliane Fonds
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