'Breaking down Barriers' aims to share all outcomes of the project for learning and dissemination beyond the project. On this page you will find information sheets with the main research findings and recommendations, as well as a set of theses. We encourage visitors of this website to download these documents and put them into practice.

Research Design paper

Peer reviewed academic papers

  • Frobisher E., Elbers W., Okwany A. (2018). Gendered disability advocacy: Lessons from the Girl Power Programme in Sierra Leone, In: M. Berghs,T. Chataika,Y. El-Lahib and A. K. Dube (eds.) The New Disability Activism: Current Trends, Shifting Priorities and (Uncertain) Future Directions. Routledge.
  • Brink van den A., Elbers W. & Ibrahim A. (2019). Together Yet Fragmented: the Disability Movement in Sierra Leone.

Project sheets

Each of the following project sheets identifies lessons learned from the different studies.

Empowerment and the Young Voices Project in Zambia, Vogelzang L., Elbers W. & Mtonga Th. (2019)

How inclusive is the disability movement? The case of North-West Cameroon, Boyco D., Elbers W. & Auma Okwamy A. (2019)

Can exposure reduce prejudice? The introduction of police officers with disabilities in Sierra Leone, Peirolo S., Elbers W. & Ibrahim A. (2018)

Can participation enhance outcomes?, Frobisher E., Elbers W. & Ibrahim A. (2017)

Why the political system matters, Mohammed Z. & Elbers W. (2016)

Which organizational resources matter?, Potthof S. & Elbers. W. (2016)


  • Elbers W. & Kamstra J. (2018) Which capacities do effective advocacy organizations require?
  • Elbers W., Frobisher F. , Kamau P., Kumi E., Saharan T. and Schulpen L. (2019). Donor agencies and advocacy in the global south: asset, nuisance or necessary evil?
  • Custers T. & Elbers W.
  • Jongenelen R., Elbers W. & Mtonga T.
  • Brink van den A., Elbers W. & Ibrahim A.


Other Resources