Saidu Bangura from Sierra Leone

Global webinar on Inclusive Education; Academic research on success factors

How can we achieve disability inclusive education in the global South? What are success factors that make inclusive education work, and which barriers need to be broken down? These questions were addressed during our successful webinar on disability inclusive education on June 30th 2022.

The role of leaders

Together with over a 100 international participants from civil society and academia we discussed the results of academic research that was conducted in Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Zambia on the topic of the role of leaders in the successful implementation of inclusive education. All research stressed that empowered by the right leadership qualities, school leaders played a vital role. It is them who decided on enrolment, innovations and activities that would  benefit of children and youth with disabilities within the schools they led.


Consequently, several recommendations emerged from the research. First, the researchers advised that schools with committed and capable leaders should be prioritized when giving inclusive education support, secondly, it was submitted that training of leaders on inclusive education practices was quintessential for its success. These two coupled with other insightful recommendations presented at the webinar provided a way forward for inclusive education practitioners in academia, practice and policy. Watch the registration of the webinar.

Inclusive Education Webinar

Inclusive Education in Sierra Leone

We were honored to have Mrs. Baindu Dassama Kamara, Minister of Social Welfare of Sierra Leone who gave a presentation on the strides that Sierra Leone has taken towards Disability Inclusive Education. She shared on the successes achieved and on the strategies put in place to overcome the challenges faced.

Want to know more about the findings in Sierra Leone? Read the policy brief ‘What makes leadership successful?’