Saidu Bangura from Sierra Leone

Global Webinar on Inclusive Education

How can we achieve disability-inclusive education in the global South? What is needed and from whom? What barriers are we facing? What are success factors that make inclusive education work?

Join our webinar BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS TOWARDS DISABILITY-INCLUSIVE EDUCATION on Thursday June 30th from 13h to 15h CET, where we will showcase evidence based inclusive education practices as observed across three partner countries: Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Zambia.

Highlights from inclusive education research outcomes shall be shared by Dr. Willem Elbers, senior researcher and acting programme director of AMID at Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands), and Dr. Thomas Mtonga, disability rights activist, consultant, advocate and visually impaired lecturer at the University of Zambia.

The webinar will be hosted by Dr. Sara Kinsbergen, assistant professor at the department of Anthropology and Development studies of the Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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Webinar: Disability-Inclusive Education

Role of school leadership in making Inclusive Education effective in practice

Time Speaker Topic
13:00-13:05 Dr. Sara Kinsbergen Opening
13:05-13:10 Anneke Donker Importance of knowledge brokering in the development sector and what it means for Liliane Foundation
13:10-13:15 Nicky Bor Significance of Breaking Down Barriers 2.0 for building evidence for policy and decision making and introducing the disability-inclusive education cross-country research
13:15– 13:35 Mrs. Baindu Dassama Kamara, Minister of Social Welfare of Sierra Leone The importance of Disability Inclusive Education in Sierra Leone – successes and challenges
13:35- 13:45 Break
13:45-13:50 Dr. Sara Kinsbergen Brief Introduction of assignment and the break-out rooms
13:50-14:20 Dr. Thomas Mtonga, Dr. Aisha Ibrahim and Dr. Valentine Ngalim Interactive break-out rooms of country studies Sierra Leone, Zambia, Cameroon:

  • presentation of the study;
  • audience Q&A;
  • key findings & eye openers.
14:20– 15:00 Dr. Sara Kinsbergen and Dr. Willem Elbers Interactive plenary session:

  • key findings & eye openers from the 3 studies and Q&A
  • Synthesis of overarching patterns in the studies
  • Next steps
  • Sara Kinsbergen – Director of Advanced Masters of International Development at Radboud University, Nijmegen
  • Anneke Donker – Head of International Partnerships and Programmes Department, Liliane Foundation.
  • Nicky Bor – Organisational Advisor at Liliane Foundation and Project leader of Breaking Down Barriers 2.0.
  • Baindu Dassama Kamara, Minister of Social Welfare of Sierra Leone.
  • Dr Thomas Mtonga – Department of Educational Psychology, Sociology and Special Education (University of Zambia).
  • Aisha Ibrahim – Institute for Gender Research and Documentation (Fourah Bay College Sierra Leone).
  • Valentine Banfegha Ngalim – Associate Professor at University of Bamenda, Cameroon.
  • Willem Elbers – Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, Radboud University, Nijmegen